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SLYTHERIN APPRECIATION WEEK → day two » favourite male slytherin
↳ Draco Malfoy


Jamie Fraser flirting in a stable. ( x ) 


Jamie Fraser flirting in a stable. ( x ) 

Sassenach - he called me that from the first. 
The Gaelic word for outlander, a stranger. An Englishman.
First in jest, then in affection.


Endless List of Perfect PeopleChristian Bale

"I find something fascinating about the quiet man in the background who has no desire to be the center of attention."

Live from Gilboa – Kings Tumblr Watch Party



Attention Chris Egan, Sebastian Stan, Dominion and Captain America fans come join us for a Kings tumblr watch party.

Thanks to theslashhack​ for helping me with this whole thing!!

What is Kings?

Kings was an intricate, well written tv show on NBC in 2009 based on the biblical King David set in a modern alternative universe. Shamefully, it only lasted one 13 episode season. It stared Chris Egan (Dominion), Sebastian Stan (Captain America), Ian McShane (Deadwood) Susanna Thompson (Arrow) and Allison Miller (Terra Nova).

How does this Watch Party Work?
I’m not sure. But here’s my idea.

Two Episodes a week  – cause one is just not enough!

Staring Monday August 25th with Goliath Part 1:

Watch on Monday – Post Tuesday and Wednesday

Watch on Thursday – Post Friday and Saturday

Or we can post all three days for each. I am open to suggestions!

You can watch from the Official website [link] or if you’re inclined, buy from Amazon [link].

What Should I post?

ANYTHING but Spoilers for the next episodes! Hopefully there will be those watching for the first time.

Pics! Gifs! Fics! Reviews! Playlists! Trivia! Recipes!
(Recipes!? - There’s this thing about Lamb in episode 1) 
Who knows, whatever you want!

 How do we keep up with the Party?

With Tags! Tag your posts # NBC kings watch and the episode number (#1.01).

I don’t know if there are any official ship names for Kings. I’m open to suggestions for what we should use for this. #Javid for David and Jack?
What do Y’all think? Any more ideas? Are you with us!?

star wars meme - [2/10] characters → boba fett

He was a just man.